Top Contenders: Week 35 (8/29/16) – (9/4/16)

There aren’t many better ways we could have kicked off September! Now back with Week 35, Nothin But Hits is proud to present the latest addition our Top Contenders series. As always, we bring you guys the best of the best from this past week in music as you’ll hear tracks from artists like monte booker, Travis Scott, Ty Dolla $ign, Chris Brown and several others. With genres covered across most of the board, it’s safe to say you guys are gonna find something like below! In the electronic world, artist such as rad cat and TRAILS put on display their talents in their own releases. All in all, Week 35 was the right way to kick off September! Tune in next week and as always, be sure to share once you’re done! Cheers.

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