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Nothin But Hits’ Best Songs Of 2016

Out of the massive amount of music that came out this year, from a slew of highly anticipated (and surprise) albums to singles from fairly new artists that went viral, what would you say are your favorite songs? Well, our staff of writers were faced with that challenge and after a week of rediscovering a year’s worth of hits from SoundCloud to Apple Music to Spotify and Youtube, we present to your our best picks for 2016!

Now, given that not everything was easily available in high-quality form from the various sources that we pulled from, we may have missed some songs here and there, but as a whole we think we did a pretty good job of covering the field in hopes to give you all some new tracks to add to your playlists as well as some forgotten gems you haven’t heard in a while. We hope you enjoy these sets as much as we did making them and who knows, maybe our “Best of 2016” may be your favorites for 2017. Check ’em out!

B Patt

With the wide variety of music that I listen to on the daily, it was pretty difficult digging through the different music sources I use to put together a solid recap of what my 2016 sounded like. But, while keeping my playlist to a reasonable amount, I managed to get just about all the songs that I had in heavy rotation while trying to avoid the played out radio songs that you’re probably sick of by now. But above all, regardless of whatever genre caters to you, I hope you find something new.

Baby G

If I could describe 2016 in any way, I’d say it’s been an incredible adventure with the best experiences so far. This personally curated playlist is a perfect representation of my year: purely good vibes. It includes a variety of underrated tracks by well-known artists, as well as my favorite reworks by aspiring producers. I never seem to get tired of these songs, regardless of how many times I’ve put them on repeat throughout the year. Press play & cheers to 2016!

Due to SoundCloud & YouTube limitations, there are a few tracks I couldn’t add to the playlist, so here’s a shoutout to the ones that couldn’t make it:
– untitled 08 by Kendrick Lamar
– Waves by Kanye West Ft. Chris Brown –
– Too Good by Drake Ft. Rihanna –


My playlist consists of everything from this years biggest albums to some up and coming, primarily Bay Area artists, that are about to wake the game up. A majority of the records dropped earlier this year, but my approach to this was what am I still blapping today. I keep these songs in a heavy rotation at all the time.


2016 might just go down as the best year for music in the last 20 years. From YG and Drake to Chance The Rapper and Frank Ocean, so many artists blessed us with memorable songs each and every day. With so much music dropping this year, it seemed like an impossible task to rank the top songs of the year — but ya boy Duzi took on the task head on and came out on top. Imma let you finish, but Kanye’s Ultralight Beam is the greatest song of 2016, hands down. This isn’t a debate. It’s not an opinion, it’s a fact.


As we bring 2016 to a close, we’re more than happy to bring you guys our best picks of the year! I will say I’m missing some songs due to them not being available on the web but regardless, these are still the best of the best. I mainly post about electronic music but I still listen to all genres. Below you’ll get all types of vibes! From chill and wavy to straight up bangers, I got a little bit of everything!

Jordan J

2016 was an insane year in all aspects; from what was taking place in our country with this past election, the unforgettable internet moments and memes that took the world by storm and of course the all the phenomenal music that was released. This playlist I put together is chalk filled with tracks that took over the radio waves to underground reworks from some of my favorite producers that no matter the time or place, I could put on and immediately be in the best of moods.  Check out what I thought this year sounded like for yourself below, enjoy!


2016 went by quick, but here are the 25 cuts I played back throughout the year. In no specific order, at one point this year I was all about these tracks & artists. Expect big things from these guys moving forward, & enjoy my top 25.


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