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Exclusive Interview With Australian Duo Two Can

So just a few weeks ago we had the pleasure of featuring Melbourne producing duo, Two Can‘s debut EP, Continuance. If you haven’t had the chance to hear “Continuance” in its entirety, you can listen here once you get to know more about the upcoming duo. For those who are just stumbling upon Two Can for the first time, the duo is made up of brothers, Oscar and Myles, who have a special taste for feel-good productions. As for the rest, read up  in our interview with them below. Enjoy!

How is it working as brothers? Do you guys ever fight or do you think it helps with the Chemistry?
“Working as brothers is great. Firstly, our relationship is really strong which means fights are seldom an issue. Second, working with someone who you understand benefits the creative process. We both have a mutual understanding of where we want to go with our music to and how our ‘sounds’ fit together. Also, since we live together, there is no particular ‘work hours’ (it is usually late at night) and neither of us mind if the other is blasting music.”

Looking back over the past couple of years, do you guys have a favorite or notable performance that was meaningful to you guys?
“I’d have to say that the best show we have done was playing after Alison Wonderland in Fiji at ‘Your Paradise. The whole event was amazing – who doesn’t love a free holiday to a tropical island?? Also, so many cool acts that we look up to were playing such as Touch Sensitive, Hayden James, Taiki Nulight, Golden Features and Cause & Affect so we had fun hanging out with them and checking their sets.”

What other artists do you guys listen to? Are there any big musicians/producers/DJ’s who you looked up to coming up?
“We spend most of our daylight hours listening to new music and ‘sussing’ out new artists. It really helps us get inspired. Some of our favorites at the moment are: Fabich, FlamingosisThrottle, Jai Wolf, Point Point, Steve JamesTRAILS, Running Touch and Dom Dolla.”

How does it feel to have your guys debut EP out? Do you have any other upcoming projects in the works?
“We are always working on new material. It’s often difficult to stay consistent in our musical style, which ‘fits’ the Two Can vibe. We write so much music that is left of center and of different styles – so eventually the goal is to include it all in an album and put it out when the time is right!!”

With 2017 around the corner and shows being booked left and right, did you ever expect things to happen the way they are now?
“When we started we definitely didn’t anticipate music production to be anything overly serious. But I think where we are now is a good spot and people are just starting to familiarize themselves with the name Two Can. However, the sky is the limit and we hopefully want to keep building the name and having our music heard far and wide. At the end of the day we’re still learning and growing as musicians so hopefully people will continue to stay tuned and allow us to keep writing songs for their enjoyment.”

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