Festival Essentials: A Guide To Acing Your First Festival


Festivals… A beast in their nature and something that any music lover has to experience at least once in their lifetime. From watching your favorite artists and bands perform live to being immersed in a subculture, different amongst all genres, the multi-day events can be challenging to prepare for if you don’t know what to expect. As a frequent festival goer myself, I can attest to what it’s like to be prepared and unprepared in a heartbeat. From the time a buddy and I were stranded outside of Golden Gate Park after calling our uber one minute before our phone died to losing my squad for half the festival with zero cell phone service in the venue, its almost as if anything can go wrong at times. My biggest thing for these types of situations is planning. Without a solid plan, your experience will still be memorable… BUT the difference in taking your time and getting everything ready for your excursion can be day-saving.

Make A Plan

This one is of the utmost importance. Whether the venue is in your hometown and 30 min away or 300 miles away in a different state, YOU MUST PLAN FOR EVERYTHING. I’m talking about getting down to the nitty-gritty and finding out what you’re even allowed to bring in to the venue, where the entrances are, who you’re going to see at what time, it’s all essential. On top of that, ALWAYS MAKE SURE YOUR TICKETS ARE FROM A RELIABLE SOURCE! If you do buy 3rd party, make sure you have reliable info from these sellers or else they could potentially scam you :/. Also, figuring out specifics can be pretty tricky if you are in a big group. If that’s the case, don’t be discouraged when things start hitting the fan and things don’t go according to plan. Roll with the punches and make sure you have meet up spots in the case someone gets lost. Those are always the safe havens and will reunite with your friends.


The clothing you wear is up to you and will ultimately dictate the way you will go about the festival. One thing I do know is that you have to wear some shoes you don’t care about. If you’re going to be deep in the crowds and up on the front rails, your fresh kicks will get ran through whether you know it’s going to happen or not. Also, for the night times when it tends to get cold, wear a light jacket so by the time you’re walking out of that place, you’re not freezing your ass off. Lastly, if you’re going to a festival like Snowglobe, pack appropriately! You need warm clothing when it reaches freezing temperatures at night. Same goes for something like Coachella or EDC where the temperatures can get pretty hot. Wear what makes sense and make sure to go all out! Building a festival fit can be one of the best parts. If you need inspiration, peep the trailers linked above to see what people rock to these crazy events!

The Squad + Must-haves

Going to a festival is unforgettable. The music, the food, the ambiance, everything about them is built for a fantastic experience. One of the best parts about them though is being able to enjoy it with a friend, significant other or group of friends if possible. There’s nothing like being with about 5 or 6 people who love the same music as you, going wild to the songs we all know and love. It can make an already unforgettable trip, one for the books.

As for the must-haves, it never hurts to bring cash to these types of events. You never know when you’ll need some, especially on the walk out when the bacon wrapped hot dog vendors are camping outside of the festival. On top of that, you’re going to NEED some water. Bring a reusable or refillable water bottle if you have one. Everyone has a hydro flask these days, and if you’re really about staying hydrated, you can never go wrong with the Camelback backpack. Also, some sunglasses for the day time will come in clutch if you have em’. Last but not least, I highly recommend a lighter, wax pen and something to smoke. There’s nothing like lighting up a J for the squad when the venue permits.

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