Are Remixes Better Than the Originals?


With the uprise of Electronic Dance Music in the music industry, there has become this fascination with remixes that music listeners have shown over the past several years. Nowadays, remixes topping their originals in the charts is a norm and is maybe even expected by some.

What is more interesting to me is the principles behind the song and their creations. More specifically, can someone actually ever come to the conclusion that the remix is better than the original? Some might say that saying so would be disrespectful to the original creators whereas many producers who make remixes say their love for the original song drives them to change things up a bit and add their own touch.

There are arguments for both sides, and they both have their merits, but can we ever reach a decision? We know that the remix would never exist without the original piece, but there are numerous occasions where you could make a push for the remix.

For instance, back when Shawn Mendes rolled out his catchy pop/r&b hit Lost In Japan, I thought the original was flawless and felt it was fine as it was until I heard the Zedd remix. The two give off entirely different vibes, and I really think you could make the argument for either, but I lean with the remix.

All in all, I believe that people should pay their dues to creators no matter their stance on the subject. We all have different appreciations in music, and you could say that one is better than the other, but it all arises from perspective and taste in music. Yeah, the remix that everyone loves now is on Billboards Top 100 and is selling millions of records, but sometimes, you just can’t beat the origins of the original.

With that being said, here are a couple of other remixes I personally think are the original!

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