November 2017

Ill Nana (Music Video) – DRAM Ft. Trippie Redd


Dram and Trippie Redd further push their infectious new collaboration, Ill Nana with proper visual treatment. Surrounded by nothing but lovely ladies and greenery, Dram and Trippie gives us a glimpse of what heaven looks like. Watch the video for yourself below.

Ill Nana (Music Video) – DRAM Ft. Trippie Redd2018-06-19T19:43:21+00:00

October 2017

A Love Letter To You 2 (Mixtape) – Trippie Redd


Trippie Redd continues to display his melodic and genre bending sound and shows why he is one of the most exciting artist to emerge this year and his latest project, A Love Letter To You 2 is a perfect example to attest that. Running

A Love Letter To You 2 (Mixtape) – Trippie Redd2018-06-19T19:44:39+00:00

September 2017

ILL NANA – DRAM Ft. Trippie Redd


Dram and Trippie Red decided to make our Friday's a whole of a lot better with the release of their brand new collaboration, Ill Nana. Teased via Dram's Twitter earlier in the week, "Ill Nana" features both artist's irresistible vocals on a crash course

ILL NANA – DRAM Ft. Trippie Redd2018-06-19T19:44:44+00:00

In Too Deep – Trippie Redd


Fast rising new age rapper, Trippie Redd has been making some major noise over the course of this year with his infectious single, Love Scars/ You Hurt Me leading the charge. The 1400 rapper made his return yesterday as he released his latest and

In Too Deep – Trippie Redd2018-06-19T19:44:44+00:00

August 2017

fuck love – XXXTentacion Ft. Trippie Redd


XXXTentacion calls on up and coming rapper Trippie Redd for a brand new single titled Fuck Love. X's latest release finds both artists showing off their vocals as they croon about a love affair gone wrong over a piano-lead instrumental. With no official release

fuck love – XXXTentacion Ft. Trippie Redd2018-06-19T19:45:50+00:00